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      Most Asked Questions Answered

      Many private moves are vocational-based. Ask your employer for a relocation cost transfer, when you are moving as an employee in a distant city.

      The transfer of the relocation costs usually requires the submission of 2-3 proposals by you in advance. However, you are not always forced to choose the cheapest offer. For example when you’re not confident with the trustworthiness of the supplier.

      We are generally setting up an appointment to view with you in advance. This gives you and us the opportunity to get to know each other and provides crucial information about your individual needs. The inspection reveals the exact workload. This enables us to plan your move efficiently.

      So you can be sure, you do not have to pay a single Euro too much for your move.

      Blocked loading points or access routes are annoying. They not only cause that the moving team has to walk more, but also protracts your move unnecessarily.

      In order to prevent this, there is the possibility to install a temporary no-parking zone. However, this only applies if permission has been requested and an official approval is existent. The traffic signs must be appropriate to the regulations of the StVo. In addition, deadlines and all other regulations must be considered.

      Vocational-based relocation costs may be claimed as Werbungskosten (according to the German tax law).

      Since 1 February 2017, the flat rate for celibates is 764 €, for married couples it is 1.528 €. In addition, for each additional person living in the same household after the move (children / relatives), 337 € are deductible.